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Green Guide for Healthcare™

A guide for healthy buildings for the healthcare industry

The Green Guide for Healthcare™ (GGHC) system is the healthcare sector's first quantifiable sustainable design toolkit that integrates enhanced environmental and health principles and practices into the planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance of their facilities. This Guide provides the healthcare sector with a voluntary, self-certifying metric toolkit of best practices that designers, owners, and operators can use to guide and evaluate their progress towards high performance healing environments. Unlike the LEED and Green Globes rating systems, the GGHC is focused solely on acute care hospitals, healthcare clinics, medical offices, etc. Also, GGHC is unique because it is free to any project team and is self-administered / self-certified (no third-party verification or formal certification).

Although separate from LEED, the Green Guide for Health Care borrows the credit numbering scheme and credit outline structure of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED® family of products, by agreement, with some modifications. In-turn, USGBC has developed their LEED for Health Care Rating System around the GGHC standards and improvements.

At Comfort Systems USA Energy Services, we believe that the healthcare industry should be supplemented by healthy buildings and sustainable construction, and that reduced environmental impacts are more than just a trend; they are good business and prudent ways to reduce the impact we have on the planet. We define 'Green' or Sustainability simply:

'Green is how we live, work and build through intentional actions to preserve natural resources for future generations.'

As healthcare businesses are discovering, building or renovating to the Green Guide for Healthcare program ensures efficiencies that result in cost savings over the life of the building. CSUSA Energy Services has developed an in-depth understanding of the Green Guide for Healthcare system.

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