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Effective Solutions from Conception and Installation, to Verification and Maintenance

Comfort Systems USA Energy Services is qualified to perform federal energy services work. We hold a General Services Administration (GSA) contract (# GS-21F-0062W effective January 11, 2010) on schedule 03FAC Facilities Maintenance and Management. The Department of Energy (DOE) recognizes Comfort Systems USA Energy Services as a Qualified Energy Services Company (ESCO).

Comfort Systems USA Energy Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Comfort Systems USA. We have the financial strength to ensure there will be "no bad jobs." Comfort Systems USA has a solid foundation and maintains one of strongest balance sheets in the history of our industry. As a New York Stock Exchange company, you can find complete financials at or through the Securities and Exchange Commission's online resources (NYSE:FIX).

With 75+ Comfort Systems USA locations through the United States and Puerto Rico, Comfort Systems USA Energy Services is local to you. Our core values include thinking nationally, acting locally and having a positive impact in our communities. We care about our reputation and response time.

Federal agencies can use the GSA Advantage! online ordering and shopping website to take advantage of Comfort Systems USA Energy Services' energy efficiency solutions; from conception and installation, to verification and maintenance.

Count on Comfort Systems USA Energy Services to always provide the best-value through life cycle cost analyses, sustainable solutions, and risk mitigation.

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